Four still water dams, ranging in size from 0.5ha to 5ha, are within walking distance of the cottages. The dams are stocked annually with Rainbow and Brown trout of various sizes with large fish regularly caught. The largest Rainbow trout caught to date weighed 4.2kg. Float tubes are allowed.

Please note

  • Rodfee R175 per person per day
  • Rodfee is a licence that you pay to us for fishing in our dams, not the hire for rods.
  • There is no equipment for hire on the farm.
  • We encourage CAR
  • Only fly-fishing is allowed, no bait fishing or spinning
  • No day anglers are permitted
  • Fish can be kept - we charge per kilogram

Berg Dam

5ha dam against the Langeberg Mountains with easy access from the dam wall. 12m deep at the wall. Stocked with a range of sizes of Rainbow and Brown trout. Largest fish caught 4.1 kg

Stone Dam

Small dam 0.5ha in size on a stream below our drinking water dam, set against the Langeberg Mountains and surrounded by pine trees. Stocked with large Rainbow trout. Largest trout caught 4.2kg.

Orchard Dam

Linked to Berg Dam by stream and next to Orchard Cottage. The dam is stocked with Rainbow and Brown trout of various sizes. Largest fish caught 2.5 kg.

Porcupine Dam

Named after the porcupines in the area which eat the bark on our apple trees. Linked to Orchard Dam and below Orchard Cottage. Easy to fish, ideal for beginners or for teaching children to fish. Stocked with fish of various sizes.

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